Stuff I have problems interacting with.

(Jeg fikk min første blogg [Peefy, the blog] i 2005, og denne posten er hentet fra den. Jeg har satt publiseringsdato til da den opprinnelig ble publisert.)

Sorry for not posting in the blog latly. It amuses me that people has asked me to do so, though

I’ve always been a clumsy person, and I easily break things. But, there are some things that just won’t cooperate with me. At all.
Some is because I’m afraid of them, but the others are fair enough and works for everyone else, but me.
Here are the worst 3 examples I can think of, but there are many. MANY more.

No, not the ones you use to find out what’s north. The ones you use to make circles. Sure, it seems like an easy task. It’s just to put the needle in the spot then chose how big you want the circle. But it isn’t. It is NOT an easy task.
Here’s what happen in EVERY math-exam.
– I run to buy one ($4 or something)
– I check that’s it top quality (okey, not really, but I do check that it works)
– I go to class and prepares to do the task.
That’s where everything goes wrong. It all just collaps. My compass starts of nicely, and I can make some stuff, but then ti just snaps. It becomes impossible to create anything because it just slides away making a..nothing. It’s just terrible.
Sewing machines
I can handle computers and video-games. I can handle most stuff that is electronic. Without this. This is an even better example of it-works-for-everyone-else-but-me. I just can’t get these things to work. At all. I start sweing stuff together, then it stops. Somehow it has produced a huge pile of string on the other side, just in random positions. Luckily on the upside it’s okey. This isn’t what have happened once. It is what happens every time. Every stupid time.
This is the worst though. I have never fallen off one, but.. I just fail to climb them. I’m literally afraid them. When I take a few steps up I start shaking (more or less). I actually feel afraid. I noticed this for the first time when I was young and were out picking apples with my dad. Recently I just remembered it again when I had to help my dad with some work. I found myself staring at the ladder, and having a hard time walking up it.

I might expand this list if I can think of anything else later on. But this is all for now.

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