It just occured to me..

(Jeg fikk min første blogg [Peefy, the blog] i 2005, og denne posten er hentet fra den. Jeg har satt publiseringsdato til da den opprinnelig ble publisert.)

..that I’m really watching way to many TV-series at the moment.
For a couple of months ago all I payed attention to was MacGyver, Home&Away and Malcolm in the Middle, and that was mostly because those was on when I got home from school.
Then I started seeing Desperate Housewives (which by the way rocks, even though it’s a soap) every Tuesday, then I couldn’t resist anymore and downloaded all the episodes and watched them.
Lost had allready showed a couple of episode when my brother brought home a DVD with the 12 first episodes. I watched all 12 over a weekend. Now I got all 20 on my computer.
The Scene is a internet series. Not all that good, but I like it.
I have also started watching these shows:
– Mystery Science Theatre 3000
– MythBusters
– Gilmore Girls (more or less)
– 2 Stupid Dogs
– 24 (season 4)
and some other shows that I only watch an episode from now and then.

Now I’m only looking forward to May, when the new FamilyGuy season begin, and American Dad too.

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