How I get up in the morning.

(Jeg fikk min første blogg [Peefy, the blog] i 2005, og denne posten er hentet fra den. Jeg har satt publiseringsdato til da den opprinnelig ble publisert.)

Just thought it would be interesting to tell you how waking-up routine (for school days).
Usually I get out of be an hour before I leave the house, so I get time to check if anything have said anything to me on IRC or MSN, pack my bags, eat, take a shower etc. And all that without rushing.
I’ve never really had any great trouble getting up, I’ve never gotten used to click that “snore” button (So the alarm wil ring again after ten minutes). The only trouble I have had is that I’ve either turned off the alarm when asleep (or just turned it off without remembering it when I wake up later), or that it just fails to wake me up. This I fixed with using my cellphone in addition to the normal alarmclock.
Now, here is how I do it. Every night before I go to sleep I set my alarm clock to 6:40 (or 6:30) and my cellphone to 7:00. Next morning when I hear the alarm, I have to walk over to it (it is across the room) and set it to ring tn minutes later. I go back to bed and enjoy falling asleep (it’s wonderfull to just lye down and know you are going to fall asleep any second). Ten minutes later it’s 6:50, so I go to the alarmclock and set it forward another ten minutes. When the clock is finally 7:00 I turn it off and sit in bed till my cellphone rings (it’s a bit later then the alarm clock), then I get dressed and walk out of the room.

That way I am “fully” awake at 7:00, and at the same time I’ve also had the oppertunity to “sleep at bit more” twice.

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