Wrath of Peefy

Fant rester av en gammel nettside jeg hadde.


Okey, now I have created the menu and changed the top picture. I still haven’t made the other pages, so the links in the menu leads nowhere. About the "Articles" page, there I will upload turtorials, articles, and, well, text’s generally. So if you have any fun/intresting text’s you have wrote, feel free to send them to me. It is still morning here, so I suspect changing more on the site today. -Peefy

Uhm…. I’m still working on the new design, as you can see, it have this classic commodore look ^_^ I haven’t created the menu quite yet, but I’m working on it. As you can see, there is going to be more stuff now then before. I ‘m also looking for a easy news-script. I have found one that I may use (mainly because I have spoken to the developer, and he can probably help me), but I’m not sure. I’m also working on changing server (to our family’s server) so I can get more space to my site. Feel free to email me about anything : Peefyguy@hotmail.com, or you can find me on EFnet (IRC). In other news, I’m starting to learn 3D, and when I write this, I’ve only made two lousy pics, but it will come. The pictures will offcourse be on the site when I’m finished. –Peefy

Ps. jeg kan ikke nås på den mailen eller på EFnet lenger!

So.. Yeah, this is me, about me. Uhm.. My real name is Rudi, I’m 14 years old (15 in march), I read Discworld, I like videogames and…bah! This is lame!

About this site:
I have had many webpages over the years, and this is the best one so far (mainly because I update it). This is jus my personal homepage, for now, I’m planning on making a sprite site, but that won’t be under the name "wrath of Peefy".. So.. yeah.. I’m still working on the site though..

Pictures of me coming soon along with old designs for my webpages..

“Sprite site”, gamle 2D-spill (nintendo, supernintendo, gameboy, osv.) hadde pixel-grafikk. Figurene i disse spillene ble kalt ‘sprites’.

My stuff

I will post funny places I have found on the web here.. And if you have a webpage, send the Link to me, then i will (maybe) Put you up here ^_^

ZeldaUniverse, one of the biggest Zelda sites around. I am a regualr at the forums there o_O

bah, I will post another bunch soon..


Here I will upload things I have made o_O This will probably be merged with the downloads section sometime, but I needed something to fill the menu ^_^ Hm.. so lets see.. Right now I’m learning 3D, so that will be in here, I have made some lousy games and I’m working on one now, that will be in here.. And.. Other stuff..

[bilde er borte]
Its Link from Legend of Zelda ^_^

[bilde er borte]
It is the example pic that was in the turtorial

Kjipt at jeg ikke har bildene lenger!


As you can see, there isnt any articles yet, but there will be. Here there will be turtorials, tricks, stories (maybe o_O) and generally text’s. I hope to get a nice system where you can vote on the articles, and you can see "other articles by the same autor and stuff", but I guess I have to learn more vefore that will happen. If you have something you wan’t to add here, then please, send it to me. I wont put up everything you send me, it have to be something that is fun and/or intresting. Please don’t send like funny storied that only you and your friends understands and such, because I wont put it up. I’m working on two articles now, they may come up in a couple off days.

Fikk aldri tilsendt noen historier 🙁

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