Rudi, 14 år: Frisør, språk, rusmidler og førerkort


I have been going to the samy haircutter in 10 years r simething, and 90% I have the same haircut, so I just go and say the normal and then I get as I want.. Simple 😉

Anyway, i like my hair short.. Not very short.. But.. uhm… I dont know.. Short… A bit over my eyes is the best. And in the back.. uhm.. not-long-at-all in the back..

Kommentar: Jeg byttet frisør ikke lenge etter pga. det var en annen som var nærmere skolen og som hadde drop-in!


Stop complainging about my grammar, why cant you learn that I suck with it?

Heh, im sorry, Im not used too writing touch ( I do it sometimes and sometimes not, and my english sint that good neither)

I would like to talk Swedish good.. I love Swedish, it is the most beautiful language I have ever heard.. Its so.. uhm.. I dont know.. Its just nice..

Anyway, In about a hours Im having prliminary examination in the oher norwegian writing language (that everyone hates and no-one uses) Nynorsk. BAH! It sucks, but I hope it will go okey..

But! In Norway we have two (writing) languages… that sucks
That means that we have to learn Bokmapl (the standard, not how we speak, but still the best since almost all the books are in it). But in 8th grade, you have to learn Nynorsk (Looks a bit more how we speak, most people hate it).

I dont really hate NyNorsk, but the concept that we have to learn two languages is just.. stupid.. now that Bokmapl is everywhere, they should just write all the nynorsk words and rules to on big holy book, then put it aside and forgett it.

Kommentar: Pøh! Nynorsk er best! Skulle ønske jeg hadde lært nynorsk! (Men allerbest er samnorsk!)

Tattoveringer og rusmidler

I will never get any tatoo neither, I don’t think it is any cool…
If i got one, it would be a little smilie faco on the bottom of my smalle toe…

I have never really prank-called…
My friends did onetime..But they sucked in it.. They just picked up the phone, called someone and said gay, and hang up… So.. im not a prenk caller

I don’t drink, and have promised myself, not to: Drink, smoke, Do drugs, color my hair, get a tatoo and drink coffe

Im glad you stopped with the pot.. Its not good for you (or anybody) but sometimesd. I guess you dont make your own descissions..

Firs off all, many people are addicted, so they have problems stop..
Many thinks that it isn’t dangerous, and some like it quite well.
Some were tricked into to it and reasons like that..
I can’t say that I fancy smoking, but I think that most people would stop it if they knew all the consecvenses and they had the abbility to stop..

I dont curse, cuss, swear whatever you call it o_O
I say something that isn’t actually nice words, but they sure aren’t cussing, they are in the same scale as idiot and jerk..
Anyway, my mom cuss a bit when she drops a plate or something, but not normally.. Almost all (most) of my friends do..
In norway they dont censor english swear words, so I see many children say them (and norwegian wors too offcourse)..
I dont have anything against people that swear, but I do for those that mean it to hurt (that is rare). I also dislike people think that it is cool to swear…

Kommentar: Bra tulleringing, skjønner ikke hvorfor jeg ikke likte det. Ellers mye visdom her.


Driving a car seems scary if you ask me.. I dont like all about it..
I guess it comes when I grow older…

That is one good reason that I am afraid for driving something (without our little moped, its a monkey.. very little!).. I cant stand the pressure and listen to accidents like this makes it more scary…

Kommentar: Er 20 nå, har enda ikke lyst på lappen.

Er mye mer, men tror jeg har postet nok. Kan avslutte med å slå et slag for forumet:

He said that he really loved his mom, and I can quite clearly understand why he was banned from the internet. My parents (and even my friends) thinks that it is unsafe to belive you guys, even though I know you good. They dont know how it is to belong into a forums.. To have online friends..To know that no-one of us is some 40 year old raper (or what you call it)..
So I dont think that you should call his mother a "bi0tch" even if she loves her boy, I bet, or wait, I know I would do the same thing if I hadnt been on forums (and not commonly known on internet)..
BUT I dont say I support her action, offcourse it is stupid to remove him from the internet, bt can she help it when she dont know..


Konklusjon: Jeg var ganske teit som 14 åring men jeg var også helt alright på noen områder! Jeg ble veldig mye bedre i engelsk fra det, uansett (om det ikke er så tydelig fra disse sitatene). Jeg snakker med folk jeg ble kjent med der.

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4 Responses to Rudi, 14 år: Frisør, språk, rusmidler og førerkort

  1. Steve says:

    40 year old rapers were a real problem back then.

  2. Rudi says:

    I always slept with one eye open

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  4. Erik says:

    ‘promised myself, not to: Drink, smoke, Do drugs, color my hair, get a tatoo and drink coffe’

    Could we get a checklist on which of these you’ve done?

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