Rudi, 14 år: Jenter, politikk, religion, m.m.


Heh, I wish I also had a girl that liked Terrry Prachet..

Good looking famous people.. Hm…
Kirstin Dunst maybe.. I dont know..

I must say that I dont think Britney and Christina is pretty at all.. Offcourse, the clothing and makeup make them look a bit hot, bu geez, they are not nearly so good looking as.. may others..

Kommentar: Dunst er teit. Geez.


Anyway, I think world peace is a dead project, but make the world peacier isnt wrong…
IF we could get all nations to not have millitary, there would be no wars, but that is impossible, “almost) all countries would have something “Just in case”..

We still uses norwegian krones (NOK) and sweden stil uses theyr Krones to (SEK) heh.. Norway isnt even a part of EU (a big gathering of countries in Europe) but we are in it in some ways.. We use theyre rules and much stuff like that..

The Bratz are just annoying.. Huge heads on skinny bodies and fashion clothing? Are that gonna help the kids learn echonomics?
Barbie is…better.. I donte really think anything much about her.. The GameBoy game sucked <_<

Why cant people marry anyone they want? What rule does it brake? I cant see anything wrong with male marrying males and woman with womans..

Kommentar: Godt å vite at 14-år gamle meg ikke var mot homofili!

Religion, romvsner, spøkelser, visdomsord og filosofi

I would like to meet Jesus..No, acctually i wouldn’t want to know if he existed or not..

Hmh.. I don’t belive in ghosts..and I don’t belive in spirits..But when you mention spirit, I think the philosophis (ehh.. i have no idea how to write it, if you don’t get what i mean, i guess i have to find the dictionary) is really exiting to read..about the body and the spirits beeing eperate and merged and stuff..

Ghosts are like pie, you really wish they are there, but they aint…
Then after a while, you start imagine things…strange things…that semlls like pise, and there it is, your imaginary pie…

I dont think we are meant to do something, or meant to become something.. It just seems wrong..

Do NOT attempt to take a suicide! Serioussly! If your life reeeeeally suck, and you just want to end it, talk to someone.. Just let it all out.. That usually helps… But there are easier ways to remove problems then romeving you!

I dont belive that there are other lifeforms out there.. And there are no, i mean NO evidence that there is…That bacteria is just..BULL****! Every week there are new “Aliens eist blahblahblah..” stuff on the media…But 99.99% of those is just something someone is telling about for fame and money, the rest is for missunderstandings and mentally-sick people…

I think humans are the energy keeping the world alive. Humans are a body (amss) plus energy that together createss humans. Somehow (that I dont have thoguht really of yet) the brain is kind of a controlpanel that chooses how we will use our energy, like, move an arm. Brain sends some kind of energy to arm, arm moves.. You see?
But how and why I dont know.. its just a theory..

Kommentar: Bra poeng om spøkelser og pai (skjønner det ikke helt). Filosofi er spennende. Jeg er aggressivt mot liv i verdensrommet (ikke helt sikker på hvorfor) – og jeg har en teori om kontrollpanel i hjernen som sender energi til armene. Jøss.


Hm.. After ten years eh?
I would be married with a swedish girl and live in sweden (I love that country! Most because of the language but..) and I would be an educated writer (for magazines and stuff) and I would work for a gaming magazine (or a computer). Kids.. Yeah.. How mabny? Unsure..

I want to learn 3d modelling

Anyway, I want to be a writer.. Write for some magazine.. The dream would be to wite for a computer magazine as a full job, but one day a week I would teach children with computers.

Kommentar: Jeg digger enda svensk! Jeg bryr meg lite om 3D-modellering nå. Jeg satser ikke på å bli skribent. Men jeg nevner jo lærer, som jeg studerer for å bli nå.

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4 Responses to Rudi, 14 år: Jenter, politikk, religion, m.m.

  1. Ole says:

    “Anyway, I think world peace is a dead project” – haha!

    Har du hatt en spirituell opplevelse med en pai, Rudi?

  2. Rudi says:

    Aner ikke hva greia med paien er. Liker også at jeg venter at barns skal lære økonomi ved å leke med dukker 8)

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  4. Erik says:

    Tror jeg skjønner det med paien. Det du mener er vel at man gjerne ‘vil’ at spøkelser skal finnes, siden det betyr det er liv etter døden, men kan snakke med døde slektninger osv.

    Så, tenk deg at du har skikkelig lyst på pai, selv om det ikke er noen rundt deg. Men siden du har så lyst på det, begynner du å lure deg selv til å tro at du lukter pai.

    På samme måte lurer folk seg til å tro at de ser noe av spøkelser, hører ting, osv.

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