Rudi, 14 år: Meg, Norge, skolen og bøker

Jeg har vært aktiv på Internett altfor lenge. Etter mange år på IRC så begynte jeg i 2002 å henge på nettsamfunn – som senere ble slettet. I 2003 så fant jeg et engelsk nettsamfunn om Zelda-spillene til Nintendo, og de gamle innleggene mine finnes enda. Jeg har samlet noe av det her!

Om meg selv:

(obviously) A/S/L
I’m 14, male and live in Norway

Will you tell your name?
Yes I will.
Stupid quiestion o_O
my name is Rudi btw.

Favorite color?
Bah >_< black isn’t a color.. uhm.. dark blue?

What do you do in the “Real” world?
lol, hang on forums xD
Okey, so I play RPG’s (Dungeons and Dragons and such), hang out with my friends and such, but Im afraid that most time goes on the computer (yeah, I’ma nerd/geek whatever)

Are you still a student?
Yupity, 9th year

Do you plan on going to college/university?
Yeah.. I wan’t to be a writer, journalist or whatever o_O

I think Im around 1,85 metres… Im only 14, so people think Im very tall…

I am stronger then most on my age, but also fatter, so I gues Im not strong for my weigth.. So… Normal?

Heh, Im pretty tall and big.. One opf the biggest in school actually..
But anyway, im against violence (see the irony) so I never get buklklied and never bully people (and I oftwen help some people to)

Kommentar: Jeg vill bli journalist ganske lenge, det husker jeg!

Norge og Sokndal

norway is a very nice place..what? Me living there? Coincidence!
Not but it is a very fine place.. But i guess it is mostly for those who is intressed in nature..

Eh.. I have never heard of anyone escaped from prison in Norway.. never.. But I live on the country…. So.. There arent murders in my areas.

For about two months ago, there was a BIG fire in the forest whare I live, it became the front page of vg (the biggest newspaper in Norway) and was on the news al the time..
None got harmed and the only thing that burned (without the forest) was a toilet….

Im I live in a bum-less town.. (Not that I have anything against them..serioussly I dont..)

Kommentar: Seriøst altså, jeg har ingenting i mot uteliggere! Dere må tro meg!

Bøker og tegneserier

I don’t like Harry Potter much..

GOD i love Dilbert!

I would like to meet Edgar Allan Poe, the greatet writer thru time..

Nad in a Nemi ( norwegian comic)= there was a huge article about him, so we started reading about him, and then we first read the raven, then we saw the simpsons vrion, now we both have printed out the raven from internet, and I dont know about him, but I love it!

Kommentar: Har enda ikke lest Harry Potter, men må snart få gjøre det. Jeg har ingenting i mot Harry Potter nå. Jeg har ikke lest noe særlig Poe siden jeg var 14 – men jeg husker jeg digget det. The Raven er enda sjef.


I am acctualy quite happy with my school.. I gues I am really lucky.. We have computers, good teachers, computers, kitchen, computers, good classrooms, computers, nice books, computers, and I’m in a good class..
Did i mention that we had computers?

And Im also norwegian, and my norwegian teacher says that he love my stories, and the only mistakes i make is because I have a ugly handwriting and cuz im always in a hury..

My teacher say that I am very deep..

So. its a good school..
The only thing is that they think they can stop us from saying Holl Kjeft (english: Shut up)..

What really upset me is if people are making fun of one guy because he have less money then the others. SOm in my class (friends os me acctually) had found out how much another of my friend’s mother earn in the year, that wasnt much. Now they make fun of him for it. ARG! I cant stand it! How can they be so not-respectfull? It is strange..
People dont make fun of me.. Luckily..I dont have trouble making friends (But I do havbe trouble in speaking with people I dont know o_O) and right now Im talking with my friends about what they do to my other friend (confusing( and it helps..

Kommentar: Jess. Dataene vi hadde på ungdomsskolen var ikke særlig bra, vet ikke hvorfor jeg skryter så? Jeg gjorde det visst bra i norsken 8)
Jeg husker ikke situasjonen hvor en ble mobbet, men er enig med meg selv om at det er kjipt. Ps. dere kan aldri stoppe meg fra å si holl kjeft!!

I neste post så tar jeg bl.a. for meg temaene: Jenter, Religion, Fremtiden og Filosofi

Jeg avslutter med en bokide jeg hadde:

I would like to write about life. Strange things about it and how it works. How life avolves and how I think of it, what I think is strange, my explinations why things are as they are. It would bee a serious book, but still very funny because the ways it is explained is so real, but yet so stupid. I would tell about everything from the nature to the universe and mention facts about it, stories and again, ersonal opinions.
The book would have a title like “Life.” and bee in Times New Roman on a white back on the front cover.

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  1. Werner says:

    Off-topic: Kan du starte en ny game på cc?

  2. Rudi says:

    Bruker du enda Zavitz-kontoen?

  3. Rudi says:

    Sjekk inboxen din på CC!

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